Sunday, July 01, 2007

Off-beat cinemas

I have watched a few very good comedies in the past few weeks/months. These cinemas prove as to why you can make good movies without much expense and stop betting on big stars (Jhoom bara bar Jhoom). A treand set by Nagesh Kukunoor this is becoming a mainsteam ??

This is an alernative market, which can have substantial returns considering the amount of money invested. And can inspire the likes of sudeep :). I heard Shivaji, had a budget of 80 crores. I am not sure anyone apart from Rajinikanth (with his hysteric fan followers) can affford to breakeven such a budget. (even Baba couldnt rite ??). The tickets of Shivaji were too exhorbitnat in Hong Kong ..:(. looking forward for the DVD .. :d ..

back to the list of movies .. You can catch all these on either or

not in order of any preference...

Bheja Fry - absolutely hilarious.. one man show .. cheers to Vinay Thakoor
Khosla ka Ghosla - anupam kher, bomman irani .. rock in this struggle of a middle-class delhiite in the hands of real-estate mafia .. the Software engineer here is a reflection of us :)
The Angrez -- The hydrebadi Urdu ..mann its just amazing..not very polished by script .. I stil love this movie..
Hyderabadi Nawabs - From 'The Angrez' team. They have improved a lot in flim-making here
Ek Chalis ki Last Local - I am so glad Abhay Deol is not following the path of his elders'
Chennai 60028 - for those who can understand tamil and love gully cricket

these are just a few and there are a numerous of them... just keep your eyes open wide and clear..

signing offf from Chinki land..


sudeep said...

Bheja fry was awesome ...

Sridhar Raman said...

Oh yes, I totally loved Bheja Fry. But turns out it's a shameless copy! :(
Here's the link:

Of course, Chennai 600028 rocked! What a movie! Hands down, the best sports movie! And it's not even cliched!