Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stories of Feral Children

Yesterday, I was going through an India Today book in a good, upscale restaurant near Koramangala. The cover was fantastic and a copy of a very popular Beatles album called Sgt Pepper....There was a series of Photos which told the story of India through the 60 years of Independence.

But one photo caught my eye. It was a boy who was "captured" and brought back to the human society after being brought up by Wolves in 1958. The India Today referred to him as "Ramu, The Wolf Boy".

The photo remained in my mind the whole day.

Mowgli from the Jungle Book, Tarzan are all examples of "feral children".

In reality, there have been a lot of documented stories, where children have been raised by animals, and there is a term for them called "Feral Child". The behaviour of a Feral Child is a very intriguing study. They are not exactly "human", if you understand what i mean. It seems they lack empathy, joy, laughter (which come due to social environments)

When completely brought up by animals the feral child exhibits behaviors (within physical limits) almost entirely like those of the particular animal-carer, including its variety of instincts, fear or indifference to humans

The website Feral contains all the documented Feral Children.

One helluva really interesting read was the story of Amala and Kamala : The Diary of the Wolf-Children of Midnapore (India) (which is more than 40 pages with lots of photos.) You can find it here.

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