Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wonderful Wonderla

If you have the time (on a weekday) , I suggest you to visit WonderLa. Out of the ten rides I went to six of them....Boy! it was fun. On weekends, it seems the place is (costly + crowded).

The place is extremely well-maintained. Lots of sporty, high thrill rides and super fast water sports (all water sports are based on water rides).

There were a few rides which were really awesome. My favorite was a ride called Mixer. It was like taking a drug and floating in air :-). We were tightly fastened with some clamps.

Another one was called Maverick. Maverick was a complicated swing like device which turns in every imaginable direction. I felt like a WW2 pilot who had lost the control of his plane and hanging on to dear life.

And then I saw a ride called Insanity. The ride had Rammstein's "Du Hast" as the background music and was really fast. This was the ride which I did NOT want to venture in. But they say this ride was AWESOME.

And then there were the Watersports. They are all side based and super fast. You can go and enjoy the speeed in almost all the rides.

It was a super Team "Outing" exercise (Rather than a team "building" exercise) !!!!

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