Sunday, June 03, 2007


There are a lot of techie companies who are going gaga over touch-based technology/ computing. The touch sensitive input devices and all that.

I guess, I seriously considered touch based technology after seeing the yet-to-be-released Apple's iPhone. Motorola quickly came up with a Moto-Rockr and this phone is pretty good too.

But what about the next step of evolution of a personal computer ?

Now I see two more devices which are in the pipeline which are creating a major hype and hooplah. Both are from Microsoft. Both are REALLY expensive. They call the technology as "surface computing" and the devices as "surface computing devices".


Here is a quick hasty google result of the products :-

Microsoft Surface. Surface is essentially a Windows Vista PC tucked inside a black table base, topped with a 30-inch touchscreen in a clear acrylic frame.

Microsoft Milan. The tabletop computer, for which Microsoft has created both the hardware and the software, is entirely driven by touch — there is no mouse or keyboard.

Although a mouse can become obsolete, the concept of a keyboard can become more of a software than a physical keyboard in the future.

That is all okay, but everything is driven by money, if you ask me.

$5000 is a little too much for a PC, (which is, at this moment, of history of mankind) a tertiary necessity.


sarvagnaani said...

I guess you would have watched that surface comp video in some fwd..I am too lazy to look for that fwd and copy paste the link..anyway..I found couple of things very cool..besides the overemphasized zooming in/out of images/videos..the touch based copy from cam and drag and drop copying to phone..those are very good features..contrast that with what we do today to copy from cam or transfer to a phone..and this is not too far in the future..the surface comp is slated for release in 2007..

the cost factor is one thing..I hope that will come down with adaptation of the the official microsoft site says..their primary target are restaurants and such places that want to "enhance their customer experience" and the aim is not to directly replace PCs with these things..all though..ultimatetly they would want to do that..

and one more thing..sudeepa..idhu nenage antha heLtha illa..general observation..abt offence..
why do we have this attitude??whatever apple/google does is sooo cooll..and whatever M$ does is not great at all..remember the hype that iPhone created..and if you ask was just a very good adaptation of the touch screens of PDAs..but this is much more than that..

sudeep said...

MS (nowadays even Google) have tasted so much success that they suffer from the Aishwarya Rai effect.

They are so good that everybody feels "so what?" even if they make a manned mission to Mars....

I don't have anything about Microsoft....In fact nowadays I am confused about how the hell software can be a free commodity..we'll be jobless, right ?

But the real truth is that I am a user of all pirated MS products......