Monday, June 18, 2007

I can't see my blog without any activity for so many days. Not that I didnt have anything to say.

Started using my company shuttle. Some primary reasons to switch to shuttle :-

* It is affordable. I spend a fraction of my monthly fuel cost for the car.
* Driving in the evening is a pain. But when you are in shuttle, I can close my eyes.

Disadvantages :-

* Routine is really tight. Should not waste a minute at office,
* Very long duration for commuting by shuttle. In car it is quicker.
* I cannot stop for my favorite hotel/ gaadi when i am using a shuttle.
* I miss my daily dose of radio
* Car has to be taken out atleast three times a week. Otherwise, I feel bad for not
maintaining my car.

Hmm .... Waiting for work is raelly boring sometimes.

Meanwhile I have started observing the stray dogs in Bangalore as I travel in a shuttle. This is a small observation I made.

If you see a well settled dog*, just look around. Within a few yards, there will be one of these :-

a) bakery
b) hotel gaadi serving chitranna and chutney
c) pani puri shop
d) pork/mutton shop
e) Darshini
f) Cigarette shop which also sells tea and buns.

If there are a few of these shops on the same lane, you find a pack of dogs. I think these dogs would have formed an alliance and they allow NO OTHER FOREIGN dog in their territory. They drive the foreign dog away.

Strangely all the dogs are male. God knows where are the female dogs.


DhiOnlyOne said...

Hehe. Nice observation about the dogs.

By the way, congratulations dude! Sorry I couldnt make it, since it was a weekday and all.

sudeep said...

Thanks a lot duuuuude...
No problem :-) Do make it for my marriage which is on a weekend in last week of aug....

richie said...

Routine is really tight. Should not waste a minute at office.
Adanna advantage maaDu :)
Ninna life alli current developments, noDidre, more time spent at home the better :).