Saturday, June 23, 2007

Underground Music Radio

India is a country where Rock and Metal bands have it real difficult to make it big. So how can they break it and make it into the business. Here's how :-

RadioVeRVe started in June 2006 as a means to aid independent musicians across the country promote themselves. Started by a group of friends it was predominantly rock music from around the country. As the team members gained more and more expertise they realized that there were a lot more genres and artists who needed a platform for their talents. This lead to the birth of new and improved RadioVeRVe, which not only plays rock music but also Classical, Gospel and Konkani.
Music, especially contemporary music in India has been progressing at a stupendous rate over the past few years and today it has reached a point where one cannot but sit up and take notice. A wave of freshness and originality has been welling up for sometime now which should soon reach its peak

RadioVeRVe was formed at the beginning of this wave and has been trying to take the goodness of this music to the masses in a form that is appealing to them.

Today, RadioVeRVe is all set to ride this wave and change the face of entertainment in India. Drawing on the experience of the many years of intimate involvement with the music scene, the technology advantage and the limitless possibility of the world wide web, RadioVeRVe aims to be at the forefront of the “Indian Independent Music Revolution”.

And as I log into this radio station, there is a band by name "Avial" (lol!!) playing some song. I am glad about this initiatives. Then there was Pentagram and other songs....Awesome! I don't understand why popular Radio stations don't promote Indian Western Music....Really they should try that. We have had good musicians like Garry Lawyer and Colorblind, TAAQ, Pentagram, Parikrama and so on.

As far as the software programming aspect, I could recognize one name , "Atul “Toolz” Chitnis"...He is a prominent blogger on Livejournal. And there was another guy from PESIT who is also there in the board.

Good, I'll try this online radio station.

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