Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Today's Headlines on Rediff and my opinion

Will Musharraf declare emergency in Pakistan?

Hasnt Pakistan always been in some kind of emergency..?? atleast once in a decade

UK terror plot: Indian doctor could be innocent

Explore Pak Newspapers for their views :)

Is this the Indian doctor held for UK terror plot?

No .. you will link his roots to Pak some how

Pak: Explosion rocks Lal Masjid; 10 killed

Truly sad, the way we blame ISI, Pak papers blame RAW for this incident

PixKraft, Danone deal excludes India

And China ?? what about the drink controversy, Kraft intrested only in biscuits ??

Top 25 MFsJapanese majors to invest $10 bn Quiz

Ignore , Ignore , Ignore...

Champion Mauresmo shocked Images

Images not good.. Mauresmo, tell me who watches wimbeldon for Mauresmo ;-).. or venus or serena.. Its the age of russians

Sania Mirza-Shahar Peer in 3rd round

this is an achievement indeed ..

Add on your views.. it should be fun..


sudeep said...

Regarding the Indian Doc,Not sure about his Roots to Pak :-).... But I think he could be innocent. It may be a case of panic....

Sometimes the Brits have a penchant for panicking. Remember the shootout of an innocent Brazilain electrician in a railway station in London thinking that he was a AlQaeda suspect. The idiots didnt even apologize after they came to know that he was not a suspect.

GD said...

No apology - Its pure Arrogance...