Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Concept of HIGH Heels

The concept of High Heel (also High Healing .. what I call the AOLs, ashrams, sadyoga, vinyoga, *yoga) baffles me. It is one of the most lucrative concepts in the Fashion industry.

Disclaimer :- I am not pointing fingers here please. Ladies please dont start terming me as a MCP etc etc etc

90% of women and 10% of men, or say 80% of women and 20% of men ( semi-fashion literate) wanna wear heels, as it would make them look taller. (lets not deal with the obsession about tallness here ). and sexier (in case of girls, I presume .. excuse me if this is a bias)..

Recently I observed almost every woman in my company have two pairs of shoes in the office, a high heeled one and one flats. I had recommended this idea to a dear one who witnessed immense pains in walking long distance in high heels. At that time, I felt this was an innovative idea, flats till office(preferably walking shoes) and then heels in the office environement. Well it turned out to be a bland idea.:-(

Coming to the lucrative part - High heels are designed attracitve, they look glossy and sexy, making almost every girl craving for it, at the same time it is designed to be painful. (probably on purpose, by the cartel of shoe companies). The physical design itself is the root cause of it.
With this deadly combination the consumer is constantly looking for shoes which are sexier, which will make them look sexier, but at the same time causing lesser pain (which is a like a mirage). And some feminists put the whole blame back to men, indicating men are dictating the terms here.

What triggerred this post.. A friend of my from the MBA bought 4 pairs of high-heeled shoes recently each of which costs 1000HKD+ (Rs 5000 INR) and a hand bag worth 10K HKD (50,000). Now hand-bags are a different topic altogether. I also witnessed a friend who had several wounds on her feet, which was caused due to high-heels. What's the whole purpose of paying for pain?? Adhu yeno artha ne aagolla ..
( now I know ppl will think about men and cigarettes, cars, alcohol, video games, etc etc etc)..

well everyone have their own addictions rite :)..

disclaimer:- I am not pointing fingers here please...


Bridget Jones said...

When you are standing on your toes in 3-inch heels, your chest and butt tend to stick out, which.... er ... looks good, I have been told.

Further, to maintain balance and not fall, you have to walk in a sexy swagger, and the look in people's eyes makes the pain seem worth it. ;)

Depending on how ... narcistic a person is, she might wear heels all the time, or just on "special occasions", or never.

Your friend definitely seems like the everyday in heels person :)

sudeep said...

And they find it really difficult also to carry on walking like that ... they tend to trip a lot !

GD said...

looks like this needs more discussion :)

Enigma said...

if u buy shoes from brands like aerosoles , naturals etc they are comfy even 3 inch is comfy . But steve maddens shoes are for just looks. probbaly brand matters here