Sunday, July 29, 2007

Do we owe anything to our ancestors ..

The present lies in the debt of the future, atleast in the context of the envirnoment. By using, polluting and making environment hostile for living the present and past, has in terms borrowed from the future. In that sense the present does not owe anything to the past, rather it has obligation towards the future.

This probably explains parenting in a sense. The present taking care of the future, and the future of their futre. In Asian countries the present even bears some debt to the past generation and we do fulfill our rights by taking care of them.

Some instances where we owe big time to the past are a. parenting (nothing can be fulfill this), b. freedom fighters, Human rights and social right activists (like raja ram mohan roy, Martin Luther King Jr etc). Most of the corporates owe a big deal to the future and there should be a mechanism where in they should really pay the future.

Have to watch Inconvenient Truth sometime soon.

Caught up with Uppit, Bisi Bele Bath and Transformers this weekend. Unable to decide which was the best part :-). It was an awesome saturday.

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