Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ayyo Rama !

Regarding the Sethusamudram Project, it is a tough job to take a definitive stance on whether the Bridge should be actually demolished.

The reason to see why the bridge should be tampered :-
A ship channel across the Palk Strait will be created allowing ships to pass through the channel instead of having to go around the island of Sri Lanka. 30 hours of shipping time will be saved.

The reason why the ship should not be tampered :-
It is a heritage monument. Moreover, it is a pilgrimage place. By demolishing this bridge, they are actually playing with beliefs and sentiments of millions of Indians in general and Hindus in particular.

The Central Government issued a statement of blunder (based on Archaelogical Survey of India's survey) saying No proof of Lord Rama . I am sure the BJP will fight it to the end. Sonia Gandhi might have withdrawn the statement, but in doing that she has made another blunder by provoking the atheist Karunanidhi's DMK party.

From the Central Government point of view, they should not have opened the Pandora's box of troubles.

However, the Nuke deal and its implications, is keeping the Left's useless morons and the whole Lok Sabha busy. So this issue might not blow up. But they may have strained relations with the DMK.

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