Sunday, September 23, 2007

Manorama 6 ft under - * * * *

Here's a movie which is a VERY good creation of a new director. The acting is ekdum first class with Abhay Deol, Sarika (whatte voice!), Raima Sen doing good justice to their roles.

Well, the plot of Manorama... is from Chinatown. I have a book of the script of Chinatown. I loved the multi-layered plot of Chinatown. Jack Nicholson as JJ! what a script. I am still hunting for a DVD version of the movie.

Manorama is a fitting adaptation of Chinatown, one of the best screenplays written. Chinatown was a multi-layered script.

Since I love the multi-layered script concept, let me give an "rough" example of a multi layered plot.

A ragged cat goes to a pond, catches a goldfish with its paws, and chews it and is delighted with its catch. The another small fish watches the goldfish disappear in the cat's mouth with tears in its eyes.

A few minutes later,the "small fish" is seen celebrating with joy with its friends. WHY????? The small fish was actually an enemy of the goldfish because the goldfish had eaten the small fish's lover, an hour ago. The cat had not eaten for three days and had fought vainly with dogs. The goldfish was a tyrant. The small fish actually shed tears of joy, when the cat ate it!

Okay that was a stupid plot , I agree, but I hope you get the gist! As you can see in paragraph-2, you are adding a layer below to the peripheral outer layer. It is not just a twist, but a whole story which was covered-up!

In Manorama..., the action happens in Rajasthan. The film itself has such a feel of the desert and the tagline "Nothing is what it seems" is a befitting title.

Folks, Grab your tickets before the film vanishes!

Bangaloreans : The woe is that you have to shell out a monstrous 200/= for a ticket on a weekend. Something has to be done about such ridiculous rates.


Tejaswi said...

After reading that this movie is a remake, I finally got over my movie-laziness and saw Chinatown.

I am not sure I like it fully. But it's got some amazing moments. Sudeepa, You'll especially like some of it. There is this car-horn scene which deserves to be in the top-50 moments in Cinema History, not cuz it's natural, but cuz of it's amazing connection to the rest of the movie.

Also, Jack Nicholson is brilliant. And so is Faye Dunaway. I have seen three of her movies and have loved all of them.

Will watch this Hindi version this week.

richie said...

Yuppa. Chinatown ishta agotte yenro. I thought it was the type of movie people like because critics like it.
I guess I have got to watch it again, with the multi-layered plot in mind.