Monday, September 17, 2007

Have people gone crazy ?

It seems they are developing a web-server on a mobile phone. This is getting ridiculous. It may work, but why ?

From the article :-

Running a server on your phone is, at the moment, more of a proof of concept demonstration. However it has interesting potential uses. For example it offers away to gain access to information about where the phone is, what is stored on the phone (both contacts and pictures), as well as providing a personal web server that is more intimately connected to an individual.

Bollocks. When a phone is mobile why would the owner login to the phone when he carries it around ? (unless his whole world is centered on that goddamn phone and he is a forgetful person).

My advice to people who are students who want to come to software.
Give up the software dream; People have run out of ideas and have become stupid. Go back to farming. This is of no use.


Milan said...

Well, the "gaining info stored on your phone" part is rubbish for sure. But I can see potnetial benefits of haveing a personalized web server. De-centralization for one. If networks do go the "full-mesh" way, this is one conceivable architecture :-)

sudeep said...

If networks do go the "full-mesh" way, this is one conceivable architecture :-)

But still, the bottleneck is the air interface, right ?

Gargi said...

don't have an opinion on servers on phone...
but the advice to newcomers is awesome!