Sunday, May 25, 2008

Roti Kapada Makan

another day at the office .. weather is cloudy.. but f'in humid..
read a great article about why the commodity prices are so high.. which was inline with my argument and against goldman sacchs argument and I feel happy..

short answer is not demand being strong and supply being short as said by Goldman,
but investment companies buying commodities with billions of dollars ..

one example given was striking .. it seems investment compnies have so much Corn in future contracts that it would be enough for the whole US ethanol industry to run at 100% production rates for a whole year and plus..

if you are investing in US mutual funds u r doing a crime against humanity :P .. kidding..
the essence was that US government should regulate commodities market anta ...

looks like free markets and capitalism is already killing ROTI and MAKAN of the ROTI KAPDA MAKAN combo..

back to methanol.. there is a comment from the boss

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