Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday night blogging.As usual stringent office rules makes it possible to check blogspot only on weekends. Pity.

I had been to the town Mulbagal a religious town near Bangalore this Sunday. I think just like how human beings are born, thrive and pass do civilizations and cities. Some cities like Rome are very successful. They have a very rich cultural, economic heritage for thousands of years, whereas some towns become something like a "Lost World". The people move away to other places because their importance diminishes after that golden era. However the buildings speak about the swan songs of "those old days". Mulbagal might have been such a place. Some buildings are reclaimed by trees , rocks and grasses ....Hidden between the forests you find dilapidated buildings....Bangalore might become such a place after tens of hundreds of years.

Meanwhile at Mulbagal I saw the sparrow. The House Sparrow. The sparrow was a bird which was superbly adapted to Urban life in Bangalore in 80s and early 90s, competing with the crows. Today you don't find sparrows in Bangalore. They are extinct in the city. Suddenly they are gone. Today I was lucky to spot a thriving population of sparrows in Mulbagal. I read in an article in outlook. Sparrows feed on rice grains. But the young ones of sparrows need plenty of insects. And they were harmed significantly by the cell phone radiation and so on. I liked the chirps they made. It was pure nostalgia. There is kind of birds' biodiversity in RRNagar. I see white cranes in the morning feeding on banyan leaves' left over food competing with the crows and pigeons. And another strange bird which I have never seen in any place other than RRNagar. I see them only in the mornings.

But the road leading to Mulbagal was narrow. I was driving a Lancer and I was drivin at 70 to 80kmph and occasionally at100kmph. But since the road was narrow, I would get some sudden surprises.

Hmmm .... Getting geared for another grind of a week. I guess I am starting off some new things at works. Hope they go well. Keeping fingers crossed.


GD said...

kaage iddiya blore alli??
katriguppe alli antu illa mama .. adhu extinct aagide ..
gubbacchi hogi decade aytu alva, I think they could not stand pagers itself .. mobiles are targetting kaages

btw Lancer adventure yenu? dad hosa car??

sarvagnaani said...
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sarvagnaani said...

kaage idhe maams inu..but ya..kammi agiro hage idhe..
i had read an online article talking about the reasons for gubbachi disappearance from blr..a study by some unknown ngo..this was an year ago..cant find it now..from what i remember, main (obvi) reason is lack of food..not many worms because not many open spaces with wild grass and grass/plants grown in lawns are sprayed with lot of of the many other reasons that it listed was people using packed godhi hittu instead of going to flour mills and getting wheat ground..because that has removed one more food source for sparrows..filter maadi bisako hittu and raw godhi..i remember seeing lot of sparrows near flour mills munching on grains..

and ya..lancer??yaradu??and of all places..mulbagalu??

ps-corrected few mistakes in last comment

sudeep said...

i had been in ruchira's father's lancer.....

karthika said...

Nice news..

aegan stills, songs