Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekly ponderings

Saturday evenings are better than Sunday evenings. You still have one day more. I've realised planning weekends well in advance is good, so that you can maximize the fun.

Suddenly the words optimize, maximize are very much a part of vocabulary as I keep browsing the radio allocator software component. It tries to optimize the usage of carrier bandwidth on the air interface. It is supposed to be the most complex software component in our software suite and I am looking at it for the first time. It tries to allocate radio channels to mobile phones and also does something called as "Timeslot aggregation" (where in one mobile can use several timeslots) and "Timeslot partitioning" (where in one timeslot can be used by several mobiles at different times). Basically it is a problem of optimization of resources.

Ah the above paragraph might not have been interesting.

I have typed so much, yet I feel I have not typed something which is interesting. What exactly is interesting ? I think interesting/uninteresting can be related to will and also energy. If
you feel tired, you won't be interested in anything. Interest has something to do with a sense of purpose which may play a key role in badi zindagi. By "badi Zindagi " , I mean the dialog from the movie Anand where the dialogue "Zindagi lambi nahin, badi hona chahiye".

I am bewildered and fascinated by the piece of news regarding the uncontacted amazon Indians. Very interesting. At least I find it very interesting. At the moment I feel like putting on a hat like Indiana Jones and going to the amazon basin. The pictures are just stunning to say the least. Wow! just imagine how surprised they will be to see people flying around in planes. It will be too much of a shock for those guys. In the same way, I hope some really advanced tribe contacts us and we too are shocked like the guys in the picture.

What kind of gadgets would I like to see? I would like to see an exact software model of the human brain. Our loved ones might be mere mortals. But the concept and the thought and the way they respond to events are immortal. So take a backup of your human brain and store it in a disc. Another technology I would like to see is antimatter production and storage. One drop of antimatter can power an entire city. It would solve the energy crisis. Time travel and travelling at the speed of light. And something more realistic, would be short distance flight with a pair of mechanical wings like Icarus.

Hmmm. It is gonna be 9:00. I have to sleep now given the fact that I didn't sleep yesterday till 2:30.


Milan said...

so they finally gave you the RA component eh? Took them bloody long enough :-)

sarvagnaani said...

what i find interesting is these 'uncontacted' tribes having 'huts' and using 'bows and arrows' just like our ancestors. How did this happen? are these so basic that humans left to themselves figure them out, like figuring out to gather fruits and hunt?or did these spread from tribe to tribe and they are not really isolated in the strict sense of the word(may be this knowledge reached them generations ago, but still thats some contact)