Sunday, October 11, 2009

I read Subroto Bagchi's viewpoint about professional life :-

One of the things why Indians don't get to understand workplace issues till they are 23 or 24 is because they don't go to work as youngsters. When a 13 or 14 year-old in a country like the US or Japan or Europe or anywhere goes and works in a store, packs bags, or becomes a gas station attendant that individual knows the difference between my time and company time, my money and company money, what is the meaning of a paying customer.

So when you are a waiter or a waitress at 14 you know very well that you can't be on a cellphone when a customer walks in. The point is simple: workplace issues may not be understood when you take a big degree from a reputed college. You can make people aware about issues in a classroom but you can't make professionals in a classroom.

I remember when I graduated from Engineering, I thought I will be typing programs like I used to in my labs all the time. Later now I realize (I hope!) the program executable is something for which people PAY MONEY for and making it work. This will be stronger when you join a small company fighting for funds. This is something which is not taught in classrooms. Showing up on time (punctuality), proactive spirit and other things are not taught. Some people pick it up as soon as they enter the workplace, some people do not.

I feel budding engineers should be sensitized on aspects of Project Lifecycle Management , Budgeting and Management.


radhakrishna.S said...

I very much agree on - sensitization on aspects of Project Lifecycle Management , Budgeting and Management to young enginers.But this need to be extended to people working in govt service also.

sudeep said...

oh, you have created a blogger account :-)

GD said...

Again, in school you will be thought these aspects in theory.

I recollect that one of our classmates tried to do part-time work and earn his pocket money during Engineering for which he was reprimanded by his parents. This would be the general attitude of every parent in India. We are expected to earn post Engineering or bachelor's degree and be a superstar at once ;-)