Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recipe for the masala in "Masala puri"

I really want to try doing Masala Puri at home , exactly the way a street side fellow guy makes. Getting the taste at the comfort of your home is a good thing. Anyway you get the puris and the other stuff could be got at your friendly grocery store wallah.

But the big question is : What is the recipe for the masala in masala puri ?

Of course you cannot ask the guy because it is a trade secret. But we might have to build this recipe. I found one link which does talk about it.

But after eating this for so many years, I do not think I have found how this could be done.

Any ideas floating around ?


GD said...


dont you think its most comfortable on the roadside.. december alli chachhona.. (mostly at BTM Nandi chats)

sudeep said...

That BTM shop was one helluva place ... Had totally forgotten abt it ! Will check it out sometime for sure :-)

Tejaswi said...

A Kohinoor-Field-area friend's wife recently put up some photos of masale puri she had made. I have asked for the recipe. Swalpa taDakaLi.


richie said...

Leh, you will get Masala puri mix. Namma mane alli, bhel puri mix inda bhel puri level aagi aagotte. Jothege congress kaDalekai nu haakidamele, innu sogasagi irotte.