Sunday, October 25, 2009

TWTW (The week that was)

Harbhajan Singh is one fellow who proves that more than talent, to win matches, you need the hunger and the patience and determination. Of course I cursed the Indian Team and went ahead to change the channel, but it just shows that cricket is a "mind-game" and everyone can be distracted. Australians need to be distracted after they make comments like "We'll win 7-0". I hope Harbhajan's hunger also inspires people like Raina, Jadeja who have failed miserably.

One more comment : One dayers are definitely more charming than a 20-20 match. I thought One-Dayers would be finished because of 20-20. But no, it is really much more interesting than a stupid 20-20.

Other than that, the week that went by was a very low week. Fever, cough and all that. Looking fwd for a monday and the tuesday morning to get over favorably. Thursday, I saw the movie "Snatch". There is no story but the movie is good in parts. The story exists just to showcase the characters. The characters are funny and the characters which I liked the most was that of "Franky Four Fingers" and the Pig Farmer "Brick Top". Gloriously potrayed by the actors. But these movies cannot be digested in one sitting for me. I need at least 2 viewings to understand things because there are so many subtleties. Nowadays I rather prefer a simple comedy as a good entertainer than figure out a complex plot with 2 or more interwoven stories and 1 dozen characters and some weird unheard accents.

I shall end this post with a funny thing I heard on radio.

RJ : Snehitare, Neevu invisible aadre yen maadthera ? Eega line alli idaare idanna heLokke, Bangarpete inda Syed avaru. Namaskara Syed avare. Neevu invisible aadre yen maadtheera ?

Syed : Saar naanu invisible aadre Puneeth Rajkumar avara room ge hogtheeni.

RJ : Hogbittu ?

Syed : Ashte saar, avara room ge hogtheeni.

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