Friday, December 25, 2009

The beatles were saying "All you need is love" and then there was Morrison going "Light my Fire, Honey".

Here is a video from the Doors band about how the most famous song of the Doors "Light my Fire" was born. It was written by Rob Krieger. Very interesting analysis and highly recommended if you a Doors fan.

Then they talk about the Ed Sullivan Show stunt which increased the popularity of The Doors as rebels. We did'nt do what they told us. They did not want us to say "higher".

Jim was probably one of the most charismatic singers in a very enigmatic way. Nowadays there are no rockstars. There are just singers who are ruled by record labels and all this twitter, my space , facebook association to music ...Well, I'm sounding old!

The Story of "Light My Fire" by The Doors


Milan said...

Good one - check out the movie "The Doors" - it gives a good account of how taboo it was to say something like that on a Sunday evening family show in the late 60s

sudeep said...

Yeah I have heard of that ...How have you been Milan saab?