Wednesday, December 23, 2009

small notes to interested people....

This tinyurl thing could become a menace. Email filters from postini , iron port could be rendered useless and all harmful links can be tiny url'ed away to mask identity. One solution could be having email filters fighting harmful urls from the tiny url servers itself. Hmmm....whatever, I try to avoid clicking tinyurls as much as I can. The identity is masked and the urls look like they can harm your computer.

Other than that, met GD gaaru who is in Bangalore for this and the next week. Nice to see him after one year. Had been to Vidyarthi Bhavan (the first time so after 2007). They have changed the look and feel, and it looks more presentable. It was in a terrible shape the last time I had been there. Now with tiles, it looked very cool.

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