Thursday, December 10, 2009

More states

is more better or worse ? you can argue on both sides.. people demanding for a new state feel they are ignored.. people resisting resist to avoid the split of natural resources, cross state tensions etc.. there is no one way or the other to support or oppose.. complex issues.. but I am surprised the way and when it happens.. a politician who has failed in the recent past (in assembly and central elections) goes on a hunger strike, students join the protest and 12 days later we have a new state .. supported by the fact that it should have been done 55 years ago .. Why did this not happen for any of the preceding 55 years. Is it okay for the people to be ignored for 55 years, but care for a politician going on hunger strike for 12 days..

now comes a chain reaction, vidharba, bundhlkand, bodo etc etc etc .. we might need double the number of states... smaller regions might lead to more better administration ??

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