Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cats and Dogs

It is raining like hell in Bangalore. Literally like hell. Non stop downpour for the past 48 hours. Traffic Jam lengths reaching epic proportions. It is all happening.Gd must have spent maximum hours today and yesterday in the bus. I heard about infy stories like leaving home at 6 : 50 in the morning and reaching at 11:45 in the afternoon.

Here I am , at my cubicle stranded because the Rishabahavati has overflown (with full of fresh rain water) and swallowed Mysore Road. A lot of people have not left the office and holidays have been declared for schools and colleges

Oh God!
Please save us from Deve Gowda and Rains.

Life is really a downpour.

Current Music: Garbage - I am only happy when it rains.


Chandan said...

In Bidar, People had married two frogs praying for rain. Now I feel they hav to capture them back and arrange for its divorce. Lets hope they capture the frogs alive. ;-)

DhiOnlyOne said...

Bangalore is definitely crumbling. I spent 4 hours on Bannerghatta road last night.

Tejaswi said...

No talks of flooding in Majestic, or KR Market, or Rajajinagar, etc. Is it just raining in Bannerghetta road, HSR Layout, Koramanagala, Vivknagar, etc?

sudeep said...

Hope the frogs are caught!!!

I left home at 10 in the nite yday and got back at 10:45

well it is raining today too...
life sux....clouds are there from the fifth floor of sasken....they are so low

Sridhar Raman said...

I guess Rajajinagar, Vijaynagar, etc have a pretty competent drainage system. And given the fact that these areas have a predominantly hilly terrain, the water is not going to stagnate as much as in the low-lying areas.

Today looks to be another loooong bus ride. Sigh! :(