Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Infrastructure woes

The never ending debate of who owns the responsibility of infrastructure developemnt of bangalore finally ended with a PPP (Public Private Patnership) model.

We recently recieved updates on the proposed changes from none other than MD Pai - the CFO. The updates are about plans and more plans and a few clearances for the existing plans, budgeting, fidgeting ;-) etc .. By the time these get resolved and all the measures adopted to successful completion, Banglore would have quadrapled and we wont even feel the diffrence

goodddddddddddddd when would I travel from BSK to electronic city within an hour.
Are you listening ?? God says ask me anything else .. GRRRRRRRRRR


Srini at the Movies said...

ask for home connection. work from home

sarvagnaani said...
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sarvagnaani said...

> ask for home connection. work from home
exactly..I was thinking of the same thing. Why dont the big boys at infy/wipro provide work from home option instead of comlaining abt infrastructre and doing some stupid acts like threatening to boycott it.in..providing work from home option will instantaneously reduce the traffic at silk board circle by half..

and why dont few enterprising software engg get together,form a housing co-op society and build layouts close to e-city and outside blore. I am sure many e-city employees will come forward to buy plots if the layouts have proper facilities. This is the same model followed by many other housing co-op societies which have built so many layouts across blore.

ps:deleted the prev comment to correct a semantic error