Thursday, January 21, 2010

mineral water / distilled water

the next time I hear this in a restaurant, I want to ask them back what did they use to cook or make the drink they just served it.. and i shall buy the same..

i just get irritated when being asked this question again and again and again.. if i really need a mineral water bottle would't I ask for one .. should i be reminded / pestered.. the order goes like
mineral water..
distilled water
tap water .. are u sure.. thats when the question should come .. what do you use to cook/ for the drink.. thats like an indirect finger isnt it?


richie said...

Distilled water! The day of the m/c is near :).

Sudeep said...

The day of the m/c is near

Lol...Heheh....Then they would ask "how abt some diesel sir ? The grease would be discharged with ease"....heheh ..

It is -23 today. Getting bored early in the morning.....