Saturday, January 23, 2010


Two children gaze into the oblivion. The starer of the two children listens to 1916. See the sun rays. We are the system, we are the law. We are the cold. We are the dryness. Red spots on Mars...Everything changes , but everything is the same.

Pipes and structure charts glow in the lcd monitor. Headphones bark some old memorable songs. Mediocre intake. Fret fret fret until you are tired. Smile smile and keep it that way until the other person goes nuts figuring what's up to you. Don't try to cling to the past. Get thrown into new territories. Apply new rules to life and change the direction of the boat in the river of life. The worker leaves before the dawn. The guffaw man sits with a MS Word document open. The wizard is asleep. The crustacean loving bartender is asleep. The regular chef has shut his doors. The tiny is asleep. The self proclaimed, unsure, joker checks his attachments and smiles and types nonsense. He knows everyone is guilty but there is no one to blame. Work for a living or work for the red carpet?

One word of advice : Deal well with powerful people. Show them the finger.

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