Tuesday, January 12, 2010

moral sceince

During school days the only non-assessed subject was "moral science", a 45 mins class held once per week. And in our case by a Christian father teaching virtues.

This was a practice to instill Good behavior in the future citizens of the country. However, I always wondered (post school days) why it could not have been thought from a legal perspective. The essential subjects covered under moral science of theft, bribe, dowry, lies, multiple marriages, killings (murder), general harm to others, drug abuse etc are Criminal offences as per legal framework in India.

Would, telling students that apart from being morally correct, that most of the above are illegal and that the guilty would be subject to punishment by the government/police, be more helpful in developing a future responsible citizen?

certainly debatable, then I think students will be more inclined in learning the loop holes to get out of the legal framework??

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