Saturday, January 02, 2010

The three idiots

are the director, scriptwriter and Chetan Bhagat. Real smart idiots, though. All jokes "engineered" to perfection and make a commercial script. Chetan Bhagat for acting silly after the movie is released. My rating is 2.5 / 5.

Rajkumar Hirani, the man:
The Munna Bhai movies as well as this movie, is his superficial understanding of the way "things work" in some field, be it medicine or engineering. I cannot comment on Medicine. I do not want to comment on "Education" also right away. But nowadays I cannot stand these commercial scripts. This script is more like a Sudha or a Taranga magazine's ooha-pooha.

I somehow prefer scripts like "Rocket Singh - Salesman of the year" - There is some honesty in the story. They do not go overboard or preachy like your Munnabhai or Rancho. After seeing Raja Sen's review of 3 idiots, I thought, Raja was just going overboard after being mesmerized by Avatar. But it's true. 3 idiots is not a movie for me. It is a farce. It is an ignorant view of an Engineering College Life.

Education system is rot in India. That's true. But everyone is not a Thomas Alva Edison. What about for the rest of junta ? Also, what is this obsession with "Engineers -> Wild Life Photographers" metamorphosis. Is that the only "different" occupation the director could think of ? We've seen too many of this type lately.

I look forward for Abhay Deol's Road Movie. The trailer looks awesome. The critics are all praise to this one. No idea when this is gonna be released.

Agreed that even Cameron's Avatar movie is not something VERY different. The same aliens v/s humans - The key difference which worked (as far as the story)was: The location is not Earth && humans are the villains, this time. Technically, the idea of using 3D really was a bold and a visionary step. Using 3D for horror will create wonder IMO. Bollywood can make a Phoonk 3D or something.


Tejaswi said...

I like the &&. Of course, the bitwise & operator wouldn't do between earth and humans.

sudeep said...

heheh ... did you notice that ?