Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Integrating iPhone's applications on the iPad is a visionary idea. iPad (or atleast its clones) is here to stay. iPad is more of a "application consuming gadget" more than a "application developing gadget". So you will still have your laptop, but you will have a networked gadget.

The best is that it is powered by 3G(what we are working on ;-) ). 3G and LTE are technologies which are just PERFECT access technologies for this. Because there is limited browsing which you can do with a Mobile Phone.

Watch the video here :

A look at Apple's iPad with David Carr of 'The New York Times' and Walt Mossberg of 'The Wall St. Journal.

Does anyone have any other opinion ? I have read a couple of news sites and I like the concept. But not sure until someone has really used this gadget.

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