Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Today morning as I drove through the traffic, I landed below the mysore road flyover to see lots of red spluttered all over the road. Was it a dog ? Was it a cat ? As I was about to go "eww" I realized it was pieces of Water Melon.

Summer is very hot this time. I do not see any mangoes or jackfruits my two favorite fruits. Not even in the Ganesha fruit juice stalls - nowhere. Power cuts are everywhere. Every night I am tired of attending Mosquito-Concerts.

People are going on an tree cutting rampage with 210 trees (all of them over 150 years of age) being chopped to the ground. Really, I cursed the guy who approved this felling of trees. And there is this really beautiful painting (on the wall) done by the street artists. I see and enjoy the detailed mix of the greens and yellows of the oil colors used as I ride to office. Today, on that painting one stupid f*ck is urinating on the painting. And then later, near the high court garden which has many floral parks, I see petty florists stealing the flowers and putting it in their bags (the security guards are nowhere to be seen).

No point yelling here in the blog. Somebody should take the action. Not sure whether there is a shortage of public toilets or is it plain Indian bad habit.


Anonymous said...

Phoren returned syndrome aa?

sudeep said...

illa le :-)
Really got irritated :-) Jst come to mysore road ...

Naan hogidhdh foreign nalli jana ne illa :D