Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tehelka v/s TAAQ

Very unlikely opponents, right ?

Here is what Tehelka says abt Indian Rock Musicians :

Indian rock music, fundamentally, is rooted in affectation, not origination....Our homegrown rock is almost exclusively upper middle-class territory — and its practitioners don’t seem to have much on their minds. Often bankrolled by indulgent parents, and decked out in the requisite accoutrements and peripherals — a tattoo or two helps —

And TAAQ :

how do Indian bands approach songwriting, where do they learn to play their instruments, where do they rehearse? How do they finance gear, studio time and production efforts? What level of initiative does it take for a band to bag concert dates at Hard Rock Cafe or Blue Frog, or plan a five-city tour? Or to cut an album and market it independently?

...Perhaps Sidhu might want to consider exploring these areas instead of expending two thousand words on a subject he believes is not worth writing about. That's laughable.

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