Thursday, March 22, 2007

If you live near Kathriguppa

you should check out the TEA SHOP there called "UNITEA in DIVERSITEA".

It is not such a great place as such, but the idea is damn cooL. There are so many varieties of tea. I loved the jasmine fragrance filled "Chinese tea". Awesome! It seems Chinese Tea has a lot of medicinal value and it is good for health. To me, it tasted like the "theertha" they give in the temple with all the karpoora taste, a beautiful jasmine fragrance and tea leaves fragrances. I think I acquired the taste for that tea.

And ofcourse, there are several Assamese tea flavors there, for the conventional Indian tea.

But it may not be a great idea to drink at night (esp. when you are stressed)....You may end up being an owl with your eyes wide open the whole night!!!

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