Friday, March 30, 2007

If you really search something you can get it. Not quite, but you get the clues. Good searching and persistence helps.... But somehow, someone above is playing a nasty trick on me. Of course, there is no use trying to out-do him, but well as Linkin Park guys say "I tried so hard and got so far....In the End it doesnt Really matter". Nothing happens. Period.

As I listen to, "I can get (No) Satisfaction" song by the Rolling Stones, a lot of randomly generated thoughts just go by. The "question marks(??) and the exclamation marks (!!)" were quite visible above my head and the guy sitting next to me in the car today.

Hmmm...Meanwhile I am in _NO_ mood to see the IRELAND v/s ENGLAND match.

Then as I rewind to my coffee-filter conversations I am reminded of Moby's song "People they come together....People they fall apart". Oh yeah DA is a snail. That too, a moody snail crawling over a 7'o'clock blade.

Sometimes, the Yahoo! messenger smiley can be very irritating when it is bright yellow and laughing...

All our lives we search for an answer ... a purpose....But the Question is WHY ?

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