Sunday, March 18, 2007

I had a great weekend. The highlight of the weekend was of course, the iron maiden concert!
Akshay, Teju and I had a rocking time of our lives on the 17th of March 2007. It is a pit I cannot upload photos, coz' my phone's photos are of pretty low quality :-(

Man! Bruce Dickinson has so much energy on stage for his age. Besides there was literally a SEA of black T-shirts and we looked kinda out of place. Also managed to catch Punk Floyd and Pramod.

Before that, we also had lunch at a place called "Fresco" which served really good continental food. And then there was the concert!

First were the cover bands.The first band on the stage "FTN", with two chinkis as guitarists kinda STRICTLY OKAY . They were REALLY good for an audience of maybe 1000+. But with a sea of 30000 people, it is REALLY difficult to control the audience. The audience were merciless and showed them the finger, in true metal headstyle( tee hee). And then there was Parikrama, playing REALLY good songs like "Rhythm and Blues", "But It Rained" , "Whisky" and so on. The violinist did a really good job and kinda kept the crowd controlled for a period of an hour. But later, another budding rock star of London, Lauren Harris took the stage and the crowd were not so kind to her either! Maybe she'll learn it after a few gigs, after seeing her dad.

Later, the old tigers unleashed their art designs on the stage. The crowd went berseck after seeing Iron Maiden LIVE! on stage!!! The screams were deafening loud.

The stage looked AWESOME. And they started off with some numbers of their new album called "A matter of life or death". Hardcore Maiden fans could recognize this album. But later, they proceeded on play their old favorites like "The number of the beast" , "Trooper" , "Fear of the Dark", "Iron Maiden" (from their first album), "12 minutes to midnight", "Hallowed be thy name", "Run to the Hills" (my favorite) etc. Bruce Dickinson also dedicated one of the songs "Wrathed Child" to some Indian guy, I don't remember his name.

There were people pouring into Bangalore from all over India and some people had come all the way from Kathmandu!

YESTERDAY , Kummi entrance togonda. Had some Dosas in Vidyarti Bhavan and later some AWFUL COFFEE prepared by me.

And today, wishing you all a HAPPY UGADI and I use the following C expression :-

Okay post done.

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smitha said...

woohoo! Sounds like you had a great time.