Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the indian dinner..

15 people from 9 different nationalities (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Canadian, British, American, Australian, and Hongkongese (trust me they need to be treated as a different nationality :P) ) were introduced to paani poori, samosas, tandoori, roti and curry, pulao and raita, gulab jamoon and ras malai..

they were quite open to the food and everyone ate too much .. (some were scared they might have a sensitive tummy) and the the taste was authentic ..
the atmosphere was fun filled, and I was the scape goat and butt of many jokes.. (unusual position)

I showed the way paani poori is prepared on the streets of Bangalore .. using the hand, dipping the filling first and dipping into the paani bowl.. many followed suit to my surprise.. no one stopped eating fearing contamination.. this was my main contribution for the day.. made sure ppl ate samosas with hand, paani poori with hand and ofcos rotis with hand (believe me many eat with knife and fork..) WELL DONE GD on this front..

and there was a caveat that it was all north indian ..
so the next round would be south indian with idli, vade and dose ..


sudeep said...

I am interested in the butt of joke part...You can share the comments on that.

Bridget Jones said...

Where was this dinner? Sounds like fun !

GD said...

sudeepa, no time for revenge this :)

Ms Jones, dinner was in Hong Kong, @ a very nice restaurant - The Viceroy