Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My obsession with randomness lands me with this post. It's got to do with a definition of programming (found on the coding horror website). I am too lazy to create the link, you can go to the website, if you care ....

What is programming ?
Programming is all about knowing when to boil the orange sponge donkey across the phillipines with an orangutang gorilla crossed with a ham sandwich to the fourth power of twelve across the nile with an awful headache from the previous night when all of alfred's naughty jalapeno peppers frog-marched the nordic elves across the loom-lined geronimo induced swamp donkey over and above the fortran fortified kilomanjaro fence past the meticulously crafted anti disgusting sponge cake scenario where all the hats doth quoteth the milk which is not unlike the super werewolf from the infinite realm of ninja-step. it's hard to define, really.

Thats a wonderful definition. But the guy who thought about it deserves to be accoladed.

But, wait a second. It is not a guy who thought about. No not a girl too. It is a random spam program which can generate it. The program uses the concept of Markov chains where a [letter/word] is picked with a degree of probability. Interesting, but we need some time to look into the concept. Here is a link which explains on markov chains. This may be useful in generating some test data for text based programs.

Some play of words with my name :-


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !


Kriti said...

Sudeeptions sounds like "Exceptions made for Sudeep", maybe we should figure out what the rest are ? :)

sudeep said...


Well, sudeepist looks pretty 'agreeable' word to me;-)

By the way, you can check out this program where I got all these words...