Friday, June 06, 2008


The word Psycho reminds me of that legendary movie made by Alfred Hitchcock. However, there is a new Kannada movie by that name !

The promotional artwork looks interesting. Looks very "scorpion"ish.....

But this movie came to my notice because of this song.

Very distinct rock sound. And the part when the singer says "karunadhi kayo" (in the lyrics). I am reminded of Rajkumar. Thats how he would have sung it for sure.

You really got to listen to this song if you haven't heard it. It is by a "Mysore Rocker" called Raghu Dixit.

By the way Raj had sung a some thing of a rock song apart from the infamous Eeef you come today


Tejaswi said...

Tanuvu Ninndade is brilliant. I can't get enough of it. Wonder if Rajesh #1 has heard it still.


sudeep said...

I have not heard of this one. Which is this song ?