Friday, June 13, 2008


everyone has them.. mine is different ..they occur inconsequentially.. like yesterday..

my worst ones..

a. falling off from a tall structure.
b. Being surrounded by SNAKES ..

but nothing beats this one..

"flunking an exam" , and the period is mostly my under-graduation..
I really cant understand this fear of failure even after 8 years and having an MBA..

well, BU has an everlasting impression .. still remember those days of group studies (rather discussion on issues other than acads in pretext of group studies).. the pre-exam maniac atmosphere, the post-exam discussion/depression, the lab exams - internals, externals, the wait for the results .. the relief/celebrations post results..

well remembering those days once again for fun and to make the post-nightmare morning a happy one

(from a previous post it goes)

I remember my exam days back in engineering,
--the 15 day marathon,
--xerox notes, from malleshwaram, hanumanthnagar and bsk 3rd stage,
--long nights at tejus place ( long because of discussions .. politics , life, career, girls ..everything except studies) ..
--chakku troubling us by call at 11:30 pm and psyching us out by claiming he had completed
--teju's tea and kummi's biscuits
--morning breakfast by teju's mom
-- sleeping the whole day just to wake up for another night
-- the gathering at sudeep's palce at 8 in the morning for the final sharing and ofcos filter coffee :)
-- nair not coming into the exam hall inspite he being on campus ..last minute cramming
-- chilli's record breaking exam writing 2.25 hours max
-- followed by early exits from Avinash (peer pressure), Harsha and Carren
-- Nair bothering swati for answers
-- Tejaswi's recording breaking additional papers, matched equally by Sumanth (with such a small handwriting)
-- Discussions following exam and Avinash claiming the question wasn't there
-- sudeep misinterpreting (minimum 2 from first section as at least 2 from first section)
-- me copying a major step in Eng mech derivation from NAIR
-- lokesh always saying 'adhu neen andikondange easy illa' and HM bashing him up .. Sandeep J getting frustrated before DEC lab due to this
-- juice after the exam at Anand's juice counter
-- occassional beats
-- Dil Chahta hai after one of the exams .. (me satya teju and naga) and sudeep not participating bcos its a hindi moive
-- Maiya collecting notes for the next exam already - Maiya driving Sumanth to a state of nausea
-- Carren using the F word incessantly accusing all the question paper setters as bastards ..
-- Sandeep micro managed chits and Nair photo-copying a chit - truly innovative .. though not using it to any advantage (I think internal times)
-- Me not studying half of Computer architecture and pysching out the last minute ..and maiya explaining pentium architecture..

and the list goes on and on and on

ohh .. My handicapped stage and climbing 2 stories for writing exams and Sumanth picking/dropping me from home (thank u richie) ..

Memorable ..


richie said...

Kiran: shudda loafer :)! I remember the incident like it was a decade back. It was the day before the 1st semester Math exam. Nanu fully confident that I had prepared well. Then I get the call from the dude.

Kiran: Hey, hey, hege ideyo?
Me: parvagilvo.

Kiran: Henge vodideyo?
Me: yella ayeto.

Kiran: Hovada, last year question papers yella ayeta?
Me: Ah.. aduu beka.

Kiran: Hu, 1995 paper alli, 2nd question gotta?
Me: Aaah?

Kiran: A year alli a question nanage gotilla.
Me: Oh.

Kiran: Actually last year paper alli 3rd question gotilla...
Me: Oh.

Kiran: Actually, sakkat tension o nanage. Aduu keLu buttre? Yeno maDodu. 5/8 questions answer maDa beku. But naanu vodirodu bari 5 ige... E tarah question kelidre yeno maDodu. Hinge innu aidu nimesha kacchida lopar :).

All the worst case possibilities enumerate maDiddo maDiddu.

Me: Unnax.

sudeep said...

I had also forgotten about most of these things... I liked reading this post ... memorable trip down the lane