Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kannada Haadugalu

I feel glad that Kannada music has found a new breath of fresh air.
I think this is a Renaissance of sorts ..

post Chi. Udayshankar Kannada songs were totally non-hummable (i dont know if thats a word) with occasional decent numbers from Hamasalekha..
and then V. ravichandran started acting, direction, lyrics, music, etc etc etc .. and screwed Hamsalekha ..

Then there was the new star - Gurukiran who did some good numbers and good albums too (I like Jogi).. then the runaway hit - Mungaru Male .. The film is seriously nothing better than mediocre ... not sure why it was such a block buster..

Then there has been a marked improvement .. My guess is the old directors like S.Narayan, Om prakash etc are losing their grip in the industry and new directors (music too) are taking a modern outlook and contributing more...

I was pleasantly surprised the radio channels were playing more kannada songs than hindi (though repetitive).. Some songs I picked up during my trip

- Kaddalu manasanna from Mussanje maatu - starts very well , but loses steam quickly
- aakasha ishte yaakideyo - liked it very much.. especially for this line "EE DOSTIYE NAMMA CHATA " .. am pondering over this.. is this still true in my life ?? it used to be
- Jinke marina na - dint like it much.. but they do play umpteen times..

my iPhone as a dozen plus new Kannada songs ..
(this is just to show off that I have an iPhone.. go the 3G version one guys.. I think Airtel is getting it in August.. looking at the US price $199 with a two year contract, there should not be a high price in India too.. Hutchison is releasing iPhone in HK on July 11th... interesting to c what the price would be .. am sure it would be runaway hit in HK .. there are 100,000 unlocked phones which sell at HKD 4000 already in HK)

on bollywood front.. there is Jannat (Lambi judai, Zara se ) and Kabhi Kabhi Aditi (Aamir's nephew's movie)..

kannada songs rock .. (literally)


sudeep said...

I really loved the iPhone ... Not sure whether 3G is gonna be such a hit.

GD said...

depends on the price mama.. 3G or 2.5G makes barely a difference for indian infra ansotte