Sunday, January 11, 2009

blah blah

Temperature has become 0 degrees after staying in -20s for sometime. It was a welcome change....It was good yesterday went to a small walk and came back into the house.

Weekend breakfast continues to be tomato pasta and thai noodles. And since vegetable availability is very restricted we have run out of ideas and keep making sambar and rice almost everyday. Lunch is either Puliyogre or chitranna. 

But we get good coffee.At work, the MIMO-B "Integration Camp" continues to be woefully slow. This weekend I saw Nodi Swami Naavu Erodu Heege. Quite depressing movie. And I saw "The Usual Suspects" - Did not like it that much.

But I saw Ananthana Avanthara, probably one of Upendra's earliest creations and enjoyed the movie like anything! I need to try skiing before I leave. But the gear is pretty costly, looking for rentals.  I can pronounce some Finnish (imitating them gives me the kicks)


Tejaswi said...

Called your phone today, and heard some random Finnish. Not followed a syllable, or a letter for that matter.

I am impressed with your attempts.

sudeep said...

heheheh .. There are a lot of raagas associated with their pronounciation ... olle maja barthaa ide :-)

richie said...

Lo, Fargo ishta agotte, Usual Suspects ishta agolla, yeno ayetu ninege :)?

clangorous said...

Ananthana Avaanthara is by Kashinath the person who introduced lot of great talents like Upendra... Upendra probably just wrote the songs and the dialogues but the story, screenplay and direction is very much from should have watched this movie before your marriage.. you would have enjoyed it more ... :P