Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A day in the life of ...

As I sit here breaking my head with a debugger like Visual Studio (after using Unix for so many years) I was thinking abt some memories .... Memories of life ..... Not computer memories.

So many inconsequential things which just pop out , for which I don't have a strong reason to remember , yet I have some memories.

I remember going into some obscure roads behind HanumanthNagar main road and going into some random 'Guru Internet Cafe ' to check some email. Maybe I was working with Infy or I was in college , I don't remember. Just a memory. Another memory of me and my school friend Shiva playing holi...Another one where Anil Kumar a middle school friend bicycled a steep uphill inclined road for which he was lauded by my friends ... Another memory where I swallowed a plastic pawn while singing 'mera jootha hain japani' and panicked like hell....My scooter in engineering where I travelled to college....memories keep building ......memories++


Anonymous said...

paaps, also remember 'tandoori chicken'..thats a bloddy hilarious memory :-)


sudeep said...

yeah man ... it was one crazy memory ... me, you, nair and gd

it was one memorable day !!!!!