Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Post

Sunday evening blogging is something done when you have nothing else to do. Well , I don't have any specific to say in this post, but what the heck. Just scribble something so that the time goes by and then get ready to prepare some food.  

Yesterday while strolling thru' the Keskuskatu of Kajaani, I found a theatre. It is a stone's  throw away from my house. It took me more than 2 months to realise that there was a theatre in Kajaani. So we saw Quantum of Solace. It didnt even leave a Quantum of Impression on my mind. And the new song by Alicia Keys is not impressive. Yawwn.

Anbe Sivam was the pick of the weekend , for sure. I am too bored to actually write a review nowadays, but I am sure noone is expecting me to write about it too.

Apart from that, a small note on weather. Days have started getting a little longer. Finnish beer is a little strong.  I realise it is so important and useful to have an internet connection and wireless router is a wonder in such places. Really.

The discovery channel which is tailor-made for Finland(just like how it was tailor made in India) talks mostly about some crazy arctic or antarctic expeditions and how they made it to the pole. 

And I leave this post with a photograph : not taken with ANY special effects, but with natural light on a cloudy day. That's what I meant by a black and white world....This is a zoom view from my apartment window, taken by my roommate.

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