Friday, January 02, 2009


I watched the movie Fargo this weekend. It is a simple story with a strong narrative and set in an environment where crime is not an everyday affair. The acting is genuine and the characters are believable. The pregnant police lady who is a supporting actor is just superb.

It is about a car salesman who hires two guys to kidnap his wife. The car salesman is your regular clean guy who does his job and goes back home to his wife and kid, but he is in deep financial trouble. His father-in-law is a rich guy but he does not want to give his money. Thats why he hires two crazy guys to kidnap his wife. The kidnap ransom would be paid by the wife's father and the ransom money could be shared by the guys and the car salesman as 50-50. After kidnapping the wife, things start going horribly wrong. The folk song in the beginning, it seems, is a Norwegian Folk Song. I loved it. It just blends with the movie. More than the camera work, and the all the snowy environment which is the landscape, it was the grip of the narration. It was just absorbing. Kudos to the Coen Brothers. They have the ability to get a very good joke or two in the most bizzare situations. This is not the first time I experience this.

But my favorite Coen Brothers movie continues to be "The Big Lebowski".


richie said...

Naanu nenne Fargo noDide :D
Nija, bg score sakkat aagide. But grinder scene swalpa jaasti ayetu ankonDe. Movie na comedy maDidre chennage irodu ansalva ?

sudeep said...

Grinder was a little too much...But they have not shown so much blood...but still it was very powerful.