Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the MTR and the People..

am talking about the Hong Kong MTR, which is the Mass Transit railway and not related anything to Mavalli Tiffin room in bangalore (though people wait for space in both the MTRs)..

I found the people's attitude (including me) fascinating is on the MTR.. and I think it is generally the same in all form of public transport systems..

People who board the train a stop earlier to others feel that the train belongs to them. Once you board the train you feel like the owner of the train. Your behaviour towards the passenger boarding from the next stop will be like - Y the F*** are you boarding my train.. cant you seen I am standing/sitting here.. its my space, its my train dont you dare step in.. you give them the EYE, shake your head as something terrible has happened and even mutter a few words

and infact the people boarding in the new stop feel guilty of jumping to the train and disturbing the peace and tranquility of the passenger.. but once the train moves they become the owners of the train as well.. now they view the next stop passengers like - why the F* are you here.. this is my train - and the cycle continues..

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