Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Overflowing rivers

This picture here reminds me of our trek back in 2002 to Kumara Parvatha. After 1.5 hours of waiting for the river water to subsize, we took a plunge to cross the bridge with knee length of water (culprits include richie, harsha, kummi, teju, sudeepa, raghu and myself), encouraged after watching some locals in white dhoties crossing the river. The view across the bridge was magnificent with logs floating on the water, which seemed to be flowing out of a mountain.
However, our joy of a brave act was doused when the hotelier across the bridge (where we had breakfast) informed us that 2 persons were washed away the previous day trying to cross the bridge. We had at least one person in the gang who dint know swimming and the RedBull bravery award should go to this chap.

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sudeep said...

I don't know swimming...But the red bull award was definitely not mine

i do not remember showing any act of bravery (????!!!!) heheh