Friday, July 24, 2009

Yeddelu Manjunatha !

Yeddelu Manjunatha ! is a comedy movie made by the director of the critically acclaimed Mata movie. It is already making waves here !!!

There was a very popular devotional song by PB Srinivas of the same name "YeddeLu Manjunatha". I remember during the Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations, there is a temple (near our old house) where this song was played loudly. As soon as the song was played, one of our neighbors (named Manjunatha) used to wake up and walk to the temple (he was one of the key volunteers of the temple)!!!!!

So it was a kind of signalling system or a wakeup call to him. The lyrics went "Devathegalu ninna darushanake kaadiharu" ... and those "devathegaLu" were the temple authorities who were waiting for this guy.

Oh, by the way, in the movie "Yeddelu Manjunatha !", in one of the songs, the lyrics goes :-

"This is a Manjunatha
You can see him anywhere
Manege Obba Manjunatha
Made in India"

Manjunatha is a very common name and the lyric ascertians my belief....I want to see this movie ;-)


Tejaswi said...

Se liver Olivier?

I can't wait to see this one too.

sudeep said...

Yes very much like Olivier hehehe...

By the way check out the trailer over here....The razor wit of the Mata director is evident

clangorous said...

Do not miss this movie.... 2 hrs of complete entertainment. Can you believe its made on a shoe string budget of Rs 95 lakhs ?. I am sure its already recovered the investment and making profits. This is what is true business, Investment is less and returns are more. Not like investing crores together on stolen stuff, just hype no hope and not even recovering the investment.