Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weekend .. two views

Can be looked as either "Killed" or a "relaxing/much required" one..

Friday night - dinner with Hebbar followed by ample TV
Saturday - late brunch (homemade), followed by Ice-age 3, shopping, late lunc (@ 5 pm home made again), an hour jog (Mrs missed it), a shower, a well deserved dinner, ample TV,
sunday - late brunch (uppit), Seinfeld marathon, ample browsing, late lunch, good tea.. dont know what lies ahead..

Read the Arundhati Roy article on, thoughtful, but as Bill gates puts it "Democracy is the least of the worst political systems".. there seems to be no solution.. for the lower rung of the soceity democracy might feel like Communism (without the benefits associated).. I really need to visit the mining states of India sometime to understand what she writes on mining and the industrialization.. (someone from these states can easily identify with the same) the other issues water, communalism, free market, corrupt political system endorsed by democracy and media is fairly clear. Kashmir again I am not completely aware of.

A $2billion election .. wowwwwwww.. thats just the official part of it???
The cost of maintaining democracy is clearly huge but miniscule when compared to the post-election exploitation..

Apart from these something that were interesting this week
- North Korea firing missiles on Saturday - South Koreans/Japanese would preferred McCain vs. Obama.. Obama certainly is not a toughie to keep North Koreans from testing missiles.. his weapons are twitter and facebook
- Unemployment numbers -- well not a surprise at all for anyone except the forecasters.. 9.5% in the US and EU, looks like good co-ordination going there, but beleive me the world is truly recovering.. spending / consumption will happen, at a given price though, just have a look at the Zara/Lane Crawford sale in Hong kong..
- Still wary abut equity markets, not worth investing.. well no capital as well. real estate in India looks interesting though.. by 2012 prices would have appericiated by 50% atleast from current levels (prophecy ... not much numbers have gone behind this one..)

okies.. time to get some Flakes and milk..

adios to the weekend...


Tejaswi said...

And I thought you would get ready for the Wimbledon Finals.

GD said...

Watching, and routing for Roddick surprisingly :)