Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Federer vs Nadal..

It was truly and epic final.. the best I have seen in years..
Beats the Aggassi vs Sampras US semi-final (steffi was pregnant then)..
Me and Naga watched it through the night .. before some exams at Teju place ..
me betting on Sampras and Naga on Agassi.. I had won a pepsi then..

this time I bet on Federer and lost HKD 500 .. but still Federer would be my bet until he retires .. just the way I used to bet on Sampras till he retired. :D

Nadal - He is a freak.. :-) ..


Tejaswi said...

My best grand slam till now has been Ivanisevic vs. Agassi (1992 Wimbledon Final) - Superb service vs. the best return in Tennis. Rafa vs. Roger 2008 comes damn damn close.


Anonymous said...

Agree with Teju..That was the best grand slam final ever...I hated this one bcos I hated to see Feddie lose..Couldnt sleep for two days!!!:(