Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Retirement_age ++;

In Karnataka, the retirement age has been advanced to 60 years.

So my dad and other people of his age who had to retire the next year can continue to work for some more time. Shortage of skilled labor in other areas, I guess ?

Although my dad is happy that he can keep himself occupied, he is concerned like the college authorities. He told me the college could not find anyone who could teach Electronics course for +2 students. He has to take the Electronics Course.

The BSc Electronics Guys, it seems, are not even applying. For CS courses, a fresher from an Engineering College offered to teach the +2 students but this guy may not be around after sometime as they could get better prospects and opportunities.

The sad state is that the quality of teachers could go down. Many students can study on their own, but some people need a push to study and understand things.

Moreover guest lecturers don't take a very good commitment. If the going gets tough/boring, they can escape.

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GD said...

i think this is one area where we can contribute... part-time work over saturday/sunday?? with knowledge in computer science and other fields (now we have Mtechs MBAs etc) we might help ansolva .. ??

The last wave was to get into NGOs and help them out..

The next wave looks like to be Education. We cant let quality of higher education dwindle over time.. If the state of electronics and CS are these, I am not sure how commerce, economics etc are performing