Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well ...

I have opened this big textbox to write something but my mind is kind of blank. It's probably got to do with so many things happening at one shot that i am not able to concentrate on one thing.

Reminds of one of my favorite sarcastic comedies called "The Big Lebowski"

Because of one single action (some random guy comes into the hero's house and pees on the hero's carpet) , the character in the movie lands in a mess. The impact of his one action starts off a chain of dependent events. The character is too confused to think of the consequences. He starts seeing the impact and feels that it is too screwed up. He doesn't want to think of the impact and he says to his friend, "Fuck it, Dude . . Let's go bowling"

I want to go bowling now. Or rather thats the reason I am blogging.

I saw Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa. The songs are good except for one song (the title song which sounds like a Jazz song straight out of a 1930s or a 1940s jazz).


Bridget Jones said...

I saw The Big Lebowski, but somehow I didn't like it as much, or maybe I couldn't understand it :)

I saw Jaane Tu as well, and enjoyed it - its been a long time since I saw a meaningless but feel good hindi movie :)

sudeep said...

Yes, even I liked Jaane Tu....The hero looks just like Aamir Khan.

And Nasseruddin Shah and his wife have really acted very well!

GD said...

Dint like Genelia's voice. Her dubbed voice in Bommarilu is sweeter....

Change the color of the blog mama.. Cant have any more blues ;-)