Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ram Sethu

Sometimes you need to be really tactful in getting things done in India especially when the issue on hand is of "RELIGIOUS" in nature. Things could really go erratic on religious issues and effect everyone one from common man to primeminster.. The president is in a safer position

One such issue has be the Ram Sethu demolition and DMK/Congress' stands on it.. Finally there is a tactful story to put up .... look below

The Centre on Wednesday asserted that Lord Ram himself destroyed Ramar Sethu after his victory over Ravana and “we cannot worship something that has been destroyed.”
Mr. Nariman said “Kamba Ramayanam also expressly says the bridge was destroyed by Lord Ram so that no one can cross over to Sri Lanka and ships can sail through. Even the Telugu version of Ramayana says Lord Ram destroyed the bridge.”

Here is the full story..

Now the people who are fighting for the bridge, apart from your previous stands you should do something unique in order to save it .. (not sure if it needs to be saved really, I do not have any stand on it as I have not analyzed the Pros and Cons)

- how about getting a UN cultural heritage status - not an easy one ..
- how about involving Lankan government on your side.. saying destroying it might have some effect on the island .. may be lanka gets washed away till antartica .. (oops the bridge is holding it close to india you know)

comeon guys do something .. just dont start another religious fight and start burning down people and property..

I think Indian inflation would be far lesser if we bar strikes, public burning and looting by political outfits .. and ofcourse the political processions

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